Monday, 23 May 2011

Sports and munstheindian

Like a typical Indian guy, i have had my experience of playing and watching sports:
Playing Sports
My experience of playing started when i was two year old with my three pedal cycle which i used to ride fast in between the rooms, soon i started graduating to play with the neighbourhood boys, I remember how in Ahmedabd the society boys used to have their own lingo -HOWZATT! etc, we used to play cricket and i remember one match specially where i scored the winning runs, pure luck-the bowler missed the stumps at a distance of one foot with me and the runner at the same end!, In Drive In Area we built a team of friends playing serious gully cricket-calculating averages and all, in school in early years, i was a very good fast bowler with a tremendous yorker, but i lost my length and shifted to wicket keeping which i was good at till i picked up height, where i remember one match where my best friends were the bowlers and we conceded extras by the dozen, even the umpire did not know whether they were wides or byes, anyway my time of glory came when Ajay Jadeja organiseda cricket match between a team of "boys " in the neighbourhood(pandara park) and his team scored 76 with  him top scoring when our team got turn to bat most players got out early leaving me to score the required 70 runs i came within snifing distance and then Ajay "ordered" me to get out and through some kind of hypnotic efect i got stumped. Anyhow in schooln i did nothing of much note in sporta apart from once qualifying for a certificate in long jump. In colege i used to run 10 km but never participated in the main competition, gouing of for vacation during the Championship. In my masters i won my hostel 800 metre race, because of my practice of jogging everyday. Other sports i played were hockey, football, with some ability, Voleyball, badminton and table tenis with less ability and hand cricket and what is caled wall squash(hitting a tennis ball with your hands to the wall and scoring points) with a lot of fun, i learnt chess, carrom and cards and promptly forgot and drafts, monopoly and ludo i thankfuly did not forget
Watching Sports-The 1984 World Cup was my great moment and so has been 2011 world cup tho i started watching cricket with the 79 Kapil Kirmani series against Pakistan, I grew up with Vengsarkar Gavaskar and later Azhar Tendulkar and still later Ganguly Laxman Tendulkar Dravid, I alsos enjoyed Shahid, Zafar Iqbal, Pargat Singh, MP Singh and later Dhanraj Pilai, not to mention Mahesh and leander and Sania(Mirza).I particularly remember the Los Angeles Olympics missing out a medal in Hockey and PT Usha by a whisker this was before recent medal finishes in Shooting and Boxing!!!I remember MP Singh getting our team from 5-1 down in hockey to 5 all against germany, i also remember Ramesh Krishnan and Vijay Amritraj getting us to the finals of the Davis Cup

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